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Phong Su


Format VCD
Number of Disks 89
Phong Su

All titles are current release - Excellent audio and video quality!!!

Mo^.t Thoa'ng Šo^`ng Ba(`ng So^ng Cu+?u Long (2cds)
Le^~ Ho^.i Da^n Gian (2cds)
Da.o Cho+i Mie^`n Šo^ng (2cds)
Sa`i Go`n Da^n Cho+i Thu+' Thie^.t (2cds)
Da^n Cho+i Ha` No^.i Ha?i Pho`ng (2cds)
Sa`i Go`n A(n Nha^.u & Cho+i (2cds)
Ve~ Še.p Mi`e^`n Trung (2cds)
Rong Cho+i Mie^`n Que^ Hu+o+ng Ša^'t Šo? (2cds)
Mo^.t Thoa'ng Paris Hoa Le^. (2cds)
Tha^`m La(.ng Cho+. Še^m Sa`i Go`n (2cds)
Du Mie^`n Bie^?n Vu~ng Ta`u, Ha` Tie^n, Mu~i Ne' (2cds)
Long An Nga`y Nay (2cds)
Sa`i Go`n 1001 Ca'ch A(n Cho+i & 1001 Ca'ch Kie^'m Tie^`n (2cds)
24 Tie^'ng Rong Cho+i Ša` La.t  (2cds)
Ne't Še.p Kie^n Giang (2cds)
Chie^'c Ca^`u Treo O^ng Na(m Ša.o / Tha'nh Ši.a Long So+n(2cds)
Le^~ Ho^.I Ša^'t Phu+o+ng Nam, Ho^.I Cho+. Tre^n So^ng(2cds)
Da.o Cho+i Xu+' Qua?ng (2cds)
Sa`i Go`n A^~m Thu+.c A(n Chay(2cds)
Le^~ Ho^.I Truye^`n Tho^'ng Co^~ Truye^`n / Sa`i Go`n - Vu~ng Ta`u Ho^m Nay Va` Nga`y Ma (2cds)
Danh Lam Tha('ng Ti'ch Nu'i Ba` Ta^y Ninh, Co^~ Tu+.  (2cds)
Du Ngoa.n Sa`i Go`n Co^n Ša?o (2cds)
Ha` No^.i 36 Pho^' Phu+o+`ng A(n Cho+i Xa? La'ng(2cds)
Que^ Hu+o+ng VN 4000 Na(m Va(n Hie^'n (3cds)
Nhi`n La.i Cuo^.c Šo+`i A^m Nha.c Cu?a Co^' Nha.c Si~ Tri.nh Co^ng So+n(2cds)
Ha`nh Hu+o+ng Trung Quo^'c - Tu+` Tru+o+`ng Tha`nh Še^'n Ha?i (2cds)
A(n Cho+i Ta^y Šo^  (2cds)
Du Tha'i Lan One Week In Bangkok (2cds)
Sa`i Go`n 1002 Ca'ch A(n Cho+i & 1002 Ca'ch Kie^'m Tie^`n (2cds)
Du Ngoa.n Mie^`n Ta^y / Tie^`n Giang Cai La^.y  (2cds)
Sa`i Go`n 2002 A(n Cho+i & A(n Uo^'ng  (3cds)
Sa`i Go`n My Nhan Ngay Nay  (3cds)

Hoa Ha^.u Vietnam 2002 (3cds)
A(n Cho*i 3 Nga`y Xua^n
Tie^?n DDu*a DDu*'c Ho^`ng Y'
Ne't DDe.p VietNam Vi.nh Ha. Long
A'o Da`i Va` Ngu*o*`i DDe.p VietNam
Sa`iGon Muo^n Ma(.c  
Trung Hoa Du Ky' 
Du Lich Campuchia (2cds)
Du Lich Han Quoc (2cds)

****  Du Ngoan Gallery ****
49 items in this album on 4 pages

Rating: * * * * 1/2 (Scale of 5)